Thursday, October 8, 2015

Book Review: The Odds of Getting Even by Sheila Turnage

Mo and Dale are at it again, this time trying to find out where Dale’s daddy is hiding. Macon Johnson is slated to go on trial, but through either careful planning or dumb luck, he escapes. He has threatened both of his boys in the recent past when they told him that they would testify against him (he is charged with domestic abuse), so locking him up again is of the utmost importance.

Things disappear around town, things like clothing , money, and a weapon, all pointing to the likelihood that Macon is nearby. Tweens and best friends Mo and Dale, through several escapades, stir the pot a little and “help” law enforcement in their own special way to find the real criminal and contain the situation. Mo’s wit and Dale’s sensitivity keep the reader entertained and engaged in the story. Although no twelve-year-old I know talks with as many similes as Mo does, her character is well-developed and continues to grow through the story.

The kiddos in my library are really enjoying The Ghost of Tupelo Landing as one of the books on the Texas Bluebonnet Nominees list. I can’t wait to share the latest in the series with them.

Add this to your consideration list this fall.

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