Sunday, December 6, 2015

Fundraising #3-- The Best Fundraiser I Do All Year

Fundraising #3—The Birthday Book Bunch

Hello, Librarians! I want to share with you another great and EASY fundraiser that I have used for the last six years in my library: The Birthday Book Bunch. It’s a fun way to recognize kiddos on their birthday and at the same time add to our library’s collections. The best part? The kiddos LOVE it!

First, I consciously called it the Birthday Book Bunch and not the Birthday Book Club because at the time I created it, I had lunch time book clubs and people got confused.

We used a castle theme last year.

In seven years this program has gone from about $800 profit to about $2K this year. That is not a lot for some schools, but for my Title I school that is huge! The biggest draw is that my assistant Pam puts the birthday kiddos’ photos on a bulletin board in the hallway and it stays there all year. They may have a birthday in June, but if they join in September, the picture goes up. Each year we choose a different theme. 

This year's bulletin board.

Flyers go home to all students in September. The month before a student's birthday, I send a second flyer to everyone who has not signed up yet. I have a Google spreadsheet that I keep with everyone’s name, birthday, teacher, and a running total for my information.

I give out a goody bag during the first Friday assembly of the month to all of that month's kiddos who have signed up.  I typically have more students join throughout the month, but if I try to wait until the child’s exact birthday I will inevitably miss it! So I go for the beginning of the month and then celebrate others as their money trickles in.

Last month's Birthday Book Bunch Goody Bags, ready to be given out at the weekly assembly

What goes in the goody bags: The biggest thing is a paperback book from the Scholastic Warehouse sale that the kiddos keep, a birthday bookmark from Demco, and fun pencils and toys from Oriental Trading or the Scholastic Catalog.

Goodies for the goody bags

Besides the goody bags that go home, birthday kiddos get to be the first to check out a brand new book! They love this. I keep the books "hidden" on the birthday book shelf. The mystery keeps it special. 

We put a book plate in the front that dedicates the book to the student. I created them using Avery shipping labels (6 to a sheet) and an Avery template. 

An example of the labels we put in the new library books

The Birthday Book Bunch has become one of the most popular fundraisers at school. Students often start in Kindergarten and sign up year after year. It has been a great way to recognize kiddos and add books to our shelves.

Do you have an effective, fun fundraiser? Leave your great fundraiser idea in the comments. I would love to learn about it!


  1. How do you make money? What do you charge? I love this idea!

    1. Hi, Mylie! I charge $15. We probably spend $3-4 on the book and another $2-3 on the goodie bag. The rest is profit!